Carlsbad Family creates “Sharesitter” to Help North County Families

October 5, 2017

When Lesly Scott became a parent, she made date night a priority for her and her husband Jason.  Nate just turned seven, and Lesly and Jason have had 100’s of date nights in the last seven years.  Date nights have made their life in Carlsbad so much better, but there has been a substantial cost.  In addition, to the cost of babysitters, it has cost almost as much to locate babysitters.  

Lesly has set out to solve this problem for other North County parents and a few weeks ago, she launched an app, Sharesitter, for iPhone.  She has big plans for Sharesitter, but most importantly, right now, parents in North County can almost always find a babysitter for free.  

“I wanted to give away a free 3 month trial so that other North County parents can use the app to build a list of babysitters,” she says.  

“After the trial, the monthly fee is only $9.99 per month, but that will go down in the future.  More importantly, after working with close friends who are military moms, I have also included a Child Care Exchange in the app that is entirely free.  Parents can use the Exchange to find other parents who want to exchange date night care –  eliminating the cost of the babysitter.”

Sharesitter currently has dozens of wonderful babysitters that have been vetted by Lesly – many of whom she has personally used.  She has also partnered with eNannySource to provide background checks for as low as $19. On the app, you can post jobs, review babysitter profiles and message them.

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