Award Winning Swim Classes for Busy Families

WaterWorks Aquatic Carlsbad

October 11, 2017

From start to finish, Waterwork Aquatics provides families stellar service.  This past week, Mandy & I had the opportunity to experience a Waterworks Swim class for our youngest Mackid’s.  Our little guys loved the swim lesson and haven’t stopped asking when to go back.

The system is ideal and perfect for busy families.  When we called to inquire, an experienced professional calls you back, they ask educated questions so before you even step foot in the pool, your instructor has an idea of your child’s skill level and importantly, their personality.  In our case, the boys were matched up with Matthew.  He was excellent, professional and savvy getting the boys to focus and learn.  He was top notch in my opinion.

In 20 minutes, (at first I thought whoa --- 20 minutes) our boys learned to do crawl, put their face in the water, jump in floating on a very cool (what I thought was an iceberg).  I’m pretty sure Matthew created an imaginative situation that peaked their interest because my Mackid’s smile was beaming ear to ear.  You can check out the photo’s of the complete experience on Facebook Album.


At the end of the swim lesson, the boys used the warm pool to spend a few more minutes playing, diving & showing off their new skills.  After using their family changing area which BTW was clean (huge parents thumbs up), the boys were greeted by the staff at the front desk. The staff was personable and asked how the boys enjoyed their lesson AND were offered a special treat, mom approved of course!

We were impressed, thrilled and can’t wait to go back to Waterworks Aquatics.