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March 14, 2018

“Learning it the right way, right from the beginning!”

Summer is just around the corner!  If your family is like ours, most of our Summer is spent at beautiful local beaches, pools and great local water parks. It’s time to get our little one’s water ready by giving them a great start to learning water safety and swimming the right way.

Waterworks Aquatics offers the finest swimming lessons in Carlsbad. They have chosen to share their love of swimming with children and believe there is a swimmer in every child. At Waterworks Aquatics, they pride ourselves on teaching the necessary skills needed to become a comfortable, proficient swimmer right from the beginning.

A good swimmer is one who can move through the water in an efficient and almost effortless manner. Their swim school takes each student from one step to the next without skipping crucial skills or giving children a false sense of security in the water. To achieve the strength, endurance, and flawless technique of a true athlete, one must begin with a solid, foundational program that emphasizes buoyancy, breath control, and proper stroke development, coupled with basic water safety skills. So let’s get Summer ready by preparing our kiddos with the gift of water confidence, safety and fun!

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