STS Skills Elite Camp

May 22, 2018

Join Former San Diego Gull Jordan Samuels- Thomas and his wife Paula for ice training, gift giveaways and games.  The Samuels-Thomas family and staff is committed to the development of your young hockey player. Camp consists of applying comprehensive instruction and care in a controlled, safe, and friendly environment that makes learning fun! 

Elite Camp Highlights:

  • 3 Hours of Ice Training 
  • Off Ice Skills Work
  • Body Contact Training and Techniques 
  • Goaltending Instruction By Voity Goaltending
  •  D1/Pro Classroom
  • Positional Classroom
  • Small Games
  • Nutritional Tips
  • Daily Giveaways
  • Camp Jersey    

Instruction by:

  • Austin Ortega, San Diego Gulls 
  • Josh Robinson, Former UCONN D1 Assist. Coach 
  • Matt Voity, AIC DI (Goalie Coach)
  • Paula Defrancesco, Power Skating Coach
  • (#1 Ranked Ontario Figure Skater 1991, 2000)
  • Other AHL, NHL player guest instruction

This Camp is designed for players wanting to take their game from good to Elite! Samuels- Thomas Skills Elite Camp will work to develop the tools necessary for your yong player to become a stand out on their level of play!

Register NOW and Train Like a Pro! 

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