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By Erika Veduccio May 5, 2020

Questions and Answers with Local Business Owners Sonnet O'Kane and Mindy Flynn of Rebel Villa

1. What is your name? What is the name of your business?

Sonnet O'Kane & Mindy Flynn

We own Rebel Villa

2. What inspired/encouraged you to start your business? 

Despite both working full time jobs, we just knew that we wanted to do more. We wanted to have a purpose and do something we were passionate about, something we could control. To be both inspired and inspiring. All things lacking in our day job. After a few lunch conversations we decided to partner up and make it happen. Sonnet has an eye for interiors and was really passionate about home decor, Mindy has a background in product sourcing and production so that was the route we took and we're so glad we did! We love it! Our decor is Modern Boho in its aesthetic and we design collections that launch every few months. These collections have their own personality, they are extensions of us and we pour our hearts into them.  We design them based on feedback from our instagram followers and newsletter subscribers via polls and mood board questions which makes the process really fun and interactive. 

3. What do you love about your work? 

It's so rewarding to see our products displayed and being enjoyed by others.  We are excited with every single order that comes through to our website.  When you create a brand, it is truly a part of you.  Putting forth effort into your own company is so gratifying.  Also, the ability to be creative and make our own decisions.  

4. What advice do you have for others wanting to start a business? 

Start small, be flexible and have the ability to pivot. We changed our path many times since we started this brand last November but we were able to do it because we were not tied down to anyone, or anything. We started with $2,000 of our own money and used it to get started. It makes it easier to change your trajectory. When we faced challenges we would simply adjust our path. We found that watching YouTube videos and listening to podcasts helped us learn how to navigate uncharted territories. Also, ask for help. We regularly talk about our business on instagram (@rebelvilla), we are very transparent about our challenges and people love it. They give us advice and cheer us on. We aren’t there just to sell products, we want to build a community and to have conversations. That's where you thrive. Be real, be honest and ask your audience what they want from you. 

5. What do you do to take care of yourself and how do you make time to do it? 

I think one of the biggest myths is that it will be easy.  It's not easy.  But, if you have the motivation to grind, it will be easier. Partner up with someone whom you trust, that balances you and is willing to put forth effort when it isn't possible for you to give more. We take care by rewarding ourselves when we accomplish tasks like trips to the salon for nails or hair, a massage, things like that.  On a more daily basis we typically spend spare time with our kids so we make sure to do things that we love together as a family. Carlsbad is such a great place for this, there are spots that both kids and adults can enjoy. For us this includes Belching Beaver, Fish District (the kids get Cravory ice cream if they eat their dinner), Park 101 and Draft Republic.

6. What can we do to support you in the community? 

We love Carlsbad and feel blessed to live in such a close knit community.  We enjoy supporting our schools and local businesses and hope to one day have our own products in a retail location here.  

7. Favorite spot to take your children around town? 

We love Sky Zone, Alga Norte park and Calavera Hills hiking, but spending time at the beach is the best!  No matter what you're going through, it is so therapeutic to unwind and regroup with the sun and the waves.

8. Where can we check out your products?

You can shop directly at

Owners Sonnet + Mindy design high quality bohemian inspired home and wedding decor at affordable prices. These curated collections are handmade by international artisans.  Our mission is to support women and collaborate with female artisans all over the world. Monthly we feature a Female Entrepreneur in our Series called #TheRebels. Follow them on IG @RebelVilla