Weekly Publisher Note~ April 18-24, 2021

April 18, 2021

Hello all,

It is imperative that we find ways to take care of ourselves. We have all had to social distance and that means staying home a lot. What are some ways that you can practice self care:

Some tips for self-care include:

  • Do something you enjoy every day: Find a good book to read, listen to music, mediate, take a bath, practice Yoga, take a walk by the ocean, call a friend, meet someone for coffee or a drink. Whatever it is that you enjoy doing in your spare time. If you don't have spare time, make that time. It is important for your soul. 
  • Take care of your hygeine: This is important for your well being. Washing your hands after being out, brushing your teeth regularly is so important considering all the time we are spending behind a mask, Taking a regular shower/bath not only is for hygeine but to unwind and relax. 
  • Visit with your Friends: I don't know what I would do without my good friends. Find that friend that you can confide in and who can be trusted. There really is nothing like time with a good friend. To find a new friend consider joining a wine and paint night, a yoga class, a craft class, or another activity that you could meet new friends. 
  • Work on your Health:  It is amazing what a good night of sleep can do for you. Exercise, eat in moderation, drink more water, take your vitamins, find ways to lessen stress, be safe, and make those medical appointments as necessay, 
  • Relax: This is the hardest of them all for me. I have a hard time sitting because I can't stop my mind from wandering to all that I should be doing. This has been my goal to schedule time for relazing during the days. Some ideas:  take a walk, get a message, read a book, write in your planner, take a cup of tea out on the deck to listen to the nature around, take a nap. . Find some ways to destress. Your mental and physical health deserve it. 

Self-compassion is simply giving the same kindness 

to ourselves that we would give to others.  

– Christopher Germer


Hi, I'm Erika.  I'm originally from New England and moved to Carlsbad almost 5 years ago.  My family and I are enjoying the weather, laid back beach community and lots of family fun here.  When I am not watching my son's hockey games, or dance routines, you will find me exploring tidepools at the beach with my family.

Hi, I'm Jodi. I am the mom to 3 adults (1 son and 2 daughters), 2 grandsons and 2 dogs (a Labradoodle-Jeter and a Goldendoodle-Diggs). I love spending time with them and you can typically find us together playing Cribbage or Carbles on the weekends. I am a hockey mom through and through. I have been to many states traveling with my family to watch my kids/grandkids play hockey, I love to support my kids and I love all the fun local events. I look forward to helping Erika.


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Erika and Jodi