Momma Pots

Chic Modern Pots with a touch of Grace

By Mandy S. Chuey June 21, 2017

The Momma Pots motto is to be "Inspired by things that grow” and for good reason.  Blaine Tiongson first started Momma Pots out her own inspiration while healing and growing.  She was suffering from back issues which eventually led to major back surgery and fusion of her spine. She was unable to work in the traditional sense but was able to get out in her garden and get her hands dirty. Tending to her garden, and herself inadvertently gave way to a sense of healing of her spirit as well as her body.

Blaine then became inspired to create pots that could bring a sense of healing and joy to herself and others. Since then, the creativity and her inspiration just kept on flowing until she created the genius and beauty that is Momma Pots.

Momma Pots hopes to inspire others by things that grow and to bring a sense of happiness creating decadent planter pots that are purposeful and meaningful. Her succulents that inhabit each of her art pieces is in a way similar to herself. Like Blaine the succulents are beautiful resilient and powerful. The pots are artwork. She starts by creating her own cement molds in various shapes and sizes while painting her own unique designs to completion as her medium. She also carries a series of mini potted magnets that make for great gift ideas.

Nature provides the design of the plants and Momma Pots, Blaine Tiongson just enhances mother nature’s offering through her very own “mothering” of each handcrafted pot. 

Momma Pots has elegant pots, handcrafted by a Mom, and inspired by all things that grow. Momma Pots recently launched their Etsy Store and are in full swing. Visit Momma Pots and enjoy the simplicity, art and heart in every pot.

Momma Pots has been featured at Queen Bee Market, various boutique plant stores and now etsy. This is a business located in El Cajon and deliver throughout San Diego County.

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