Four reasons to go back to school

July 18, 2017

For many busy moms, thinking about going back to school can be daunting. There are so many questions to consider: “Will I still have enough time with my kids?” “What do I want to study?” “Will I even have time to study?” “Will it be worth it?”

Brightwood College in Vista, CA offers accelerated programs that combine professional instruction and classes that fit your schedule, creating a rewarding and accommodating learning environment for busy parents. If you are on the fence about going back to school, here are four reasons to take the leap:

Your dreams matter:

As moms, sometimes we set our professional dreams aside to focus on our family. And while prioritizing family is important, it doesn’t mean you can’t follow your dreams. Perhaps you’ve always aspired to work in massage therapy or healthcare. Education is the first step toward pursuing your dreams.

Second Chances Are Real:

Did you get to a big college and realize it wasn’t for you? Did you start a degree and then stop because of family and work obligations? You’re not alone. It’s never too late to take a second chance on achieving your educational goals.

A more fulfilling career exists:

Maybe you’re not 100% satisfied in your current job. Perhaps you’re more passionate about another industry or field. Whatever reason, a degree in a new field could help you land that job that will make you excited to go to work every day.

To show your kids the importance of learning:

You are never too old or too busy to learn something new. Going back to school to pursue a passion area lets you teach that lesson to your kids by example.

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