Local Fashionista Momma wants the world to Live Plentiful

By Mandy Chuey August 3, 2017

Local Carlsbad mom Megan Ballard, is a wardrobe stylist, yoga instructor, Huffington Post contributor, fashion lifestyle blogger and Girl Scout Leader.

She started her personal style blog “The Fashionista Momma” to inspire women to remember they deserve to feel beautiful. She understands that women seem to carry the weight of the world on their shoulders between working and raising families. Her blog's’ popularity gained her 13 thousand followers and world wide fan fare. She shared travel tips, fashion, and all tips busy mother’s on the go appreciated.

Megan has since transitioned from The Fashionista Momma and begun the new lifestyle media brand Live Plentiful with Lindsay Rutland from Middle of Somewhere Life and Style Blog. Lindsey and Megan and their Live Plentiful content provides inspiring and informative content across multiple platforms. Their current focus is to inspire women to live life to the fullest. They want to help women everywhere with style, beauty, decor, travel, recipes, fitness tips and more. Megan’s goal is to inspire and uplift the women of the world to find their best self and to live plentiful.

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