Oh, Hello Family! (and Carlsbad)

Note from the Publisher

January 23, 2018

When my kids were little, I never dreamed that getting them all together, all in one place would ever be a struggle like it is now.  With three kids, three different ages, together is so much more than 8 letter word.  

My oldest is in High School, almost 16 and we like to refer to her as the joiner.  This kid joins every club, and participates in as much as she possibly can.  When I ask her it's too much to be in two Choirs, tech-ing for another choir, the marketing chair for the female robotics team, running track and maintaining honor roll, she simply, shrugs her shoulders & says, no - I like it.  It's fun.  What she doesn’t know, but soon will realize as she gets her license this Spring, is that someone (hand in the air, that’s me) has to taxi her to all these events, clubs, etc.  The Middle, well he plays travel hockey which takes us all over the West Coast and in many cases split as a family.  During the week he does robotics and has a steady job walking the neighbors dog.  Thankfully, the littlest, the kindergartener is happy taking piano (once a week - yippee).

So you as you can imagine, having all my babies at the Circus Vargas this Sunday, together was not only a miracle but mom bliss.  It was 3 hours of just my husband, the three kiddo’s and me.  It really is the simple things in life.  We drove in one car.  Every stage of parenting has its own challenges.  For our family, the unit on this day was complete. At the circus, we laughed, we shared one popcorn and every minute was together…

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