Ceramic Arts in Carlsbad is Handled by April Hernandez

January 31, 2018

April Hernandez, owner of Handled Pottery Studio in Carlsbad is originally from the San Joaquin Valley.  She took her first Ceramics class in college. She says the creative vibe and studio atmosphere was something that she was attracted to. She recalls sitting at the wheel for the first time as if time stopped. She was hooked! Wheel throwing reminds her that she needs to be in the moment. In college, she would often sneak into the classroom to throw on the wheel, and feels it became her saving grace.

After attending college in the MidWest, she moved to Carlsbad. She begin working at MiraCosta College, where she’s been for the last six years.  And while her experience has been an extremely positive one, she knew had to open a personal studio as a way to continue to grow as an artist.  As a Potter, she lives for late nights in the studio, it’s when she make her best work!

In 2016, she moved into a shared warehouse space in Carlsbad, where she shares a walkway with EvrBottle’s gift shop.  People begin to wonder in after visiting their gift shop, inquiring about taking pottery lessons.  They've enjoyed the creative studio environment that their community possessed. “Handled Pottery Studio” evolved into what it is now: Retail Shop, A Teaching Studio, & a space where families & friends experience ceramics through and through.  Be it a Workshop, Datenight, Private lesson, or Commission, they have something for everyone!

April’s hopes are that Carlsbad and the surrounding populations recognize the important role Artists have in a community. She has created workshops that encourage active engagement.  Handled Pottery Studio is truly a “handmade” shop, locally owned, and dedicated to creating a positive culture, while preserving the ceramics craft.  

Jasper, her 5 years old Dachshund- Corgi rescue, has been with her from the start! They’ve given him the title of  “Quality Control Operator,” you can usually catch him warming up next to the kiln!

April strongly believes the future of the Ceramic Crafts and Visual Arts is really dependent upon our future generation. That's why she feels it’s so important to have access to artist in their specific community- such her space in Carlsbad. The community is thankful for Handled Pottery Studio, April’s unique artistic expression and for sharing Jasper with us! 


2680 State Street., Suite C

Carlsbad, CA 92008

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