Colors of Carlsbad come to Life with Bryan Snyder

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By Mandy S. Chuey July 11, 2018

Macaroni Kid Carlsbad along with every passer byer has enjoyed the local Carlsbad Art Wall. The official ‘Colors of Carlsbad’ bumper sticker is now available celebrating the newest Carlsbad Art Wall mural by Bryan Snyder and Sean Dominguez. We had the opportunity to speak with the artist Bryan Snyder. 

How long have you been a resident in Carlsbad and why?

Other than a few years in the SF Bay Area where I went to school, I have lived in Carlsbad my entire life. It's the perfect place to grow up with amazing beaches, a good mixture of reef and beach-break surf, multiple lagoons to explore, historical skateboarding sites and top rated schools. For these reasons, Carlsbad is seeing an influx in transplants. Unfortunately this is making it very difficult for some locals stay here. It was a life-long dream of mine to raise my own family here, but like many locals, I am not sure if that is going to be possible because of inflated home values and a shortage of inventory due to many factors including family homes being transformed into short-term vacation rentals. That being said, Carlsbad is still amazing and my family and I are doing our best to stay and continue encouraging the development of a more artistic culture in our hometown. Each 'Colors of Carlsbad' bumper sticker purchase online includes a letter detailing our efforts to remain Carlsbad residents.

What is the responsibility of your role as the Art liaison or local Ambassador to the City of Carlsbad entail?

After graduation, I returned to my hometown and instantly realized the potential Carlsbad had to become a vibrant culture based on the arts and community. At that moment I established a goal to help encourage the development of the culture I envisioned. I moved into the heart of the Village, opened up an art studio with an open door policy, organized art shows and community gatherings, implemented scavenger hunts, published a local art blog ( and painted numerous large scale murals. Everything I was organizing was financed by myself or through community fundraising, essentially I was running rogue in terms of the City of Carlsbad. Today, the City is more supportive than ever and I am excited to be now collaborating with them on ideas while also providing a voice for local artists, local businesses and the community as a whole.

How long has the "art wall" been going?

The idea of a rotating art wall is something I have had for nearly a decade. I first attempted the idea around 2012. I built a 50ft. wide and 8ft. tall wall at the north end of the alley between the train tracks and State Street, but it was demolished shortly after completion when the adjacent property was developed into what is now a block of luxury condos.  About 4 years later Justin from Señor Grubby's asked me to paint a mural on their east facing wall. At this time there were already a number of my Doodle murals already in the Village and I felt some diversity was needed. I presented the idea of rotating art wall and the Carlsbad Art Wall was established in March of 2015. Today, I have brought 17 murals to the Village through the Carlsbad Art Wall, plus just as many Teen Street Art Workshops in collaboration with the Boys and Girls Club.

Tell us about you and your friends inspiration for the current art wall and bumper sticker?

The 'Colors of Carlsbad' project is a collaboration between myself, Visit Carlsbad, HireInfluence and Pantone Color Institute. I was asked to develop a mural showcasing what makes Carlsbad special. I invited local artist Sean Dominguez to collaborate on what you see today is a product two locals in love with their hometown. The mural has received tons of positive feedback, with an overwhelming request to keep it permanently. Although it will be replaced by a new mural around August, its memory will continue in the next best thing, hundreds of oversized bumper stickers. Plus, its a great way to showcase your love for Carlsbad and support for local art wherever you go!

What are you hopes for the Carlsbad in regards to having flourishing and supportive art community?

One of the great things about the Carlsbad Art Wall is it provides me the opportunity to engage with the community directly. I post up at the CAW for two days straight, eight hours a day every two months to talk to the locals, tourists and local businesses. This has allowed me to keep a very close pulse on the Village and Carlsbad in general. We talk about art, politics and anything related to Carlsbad. I feel very lucky and appreciate what everyone has to say. I have heard over and over that everyone is very excited about the emerging artistic culture, specifically the many murals. I want to thank everyone for the many conversations, the support for local art and the overall love we all share or Carlsbad!

We are lucky enough to hear all about his efforts to bring art and murals to life here in our seaside town. 

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