Whimsical Wind Chime Craft

By Jodi Lorence, Macaroni Kid Publisher February 14, 2021

Have fun with your kids creating this whimsical wind chime craft together. Such a colorful gift to give to a special person in their life. 


  • Heavy Fishing line 
  • Assorted plastic beads
  • 2 plastic pots (very thin seeding pots)
  • Squares of colored tissue paper
  • School glue or Modge Podge craft glue - anything that dries clear


1.  Cut your colored tissue paper into squares and using glue or modge pot paint them on one of your pots covering the entire outside of the pot including the bottom and set aside to dry.

2. Cut 12 varying lengths of heavy fish line to lengths you want to hang beads on leaving room to tie onto the second pot.

3. Tie a good knot on the end of your fish line and start stringing your assorted beads. 

4.  When you are done with one line of beads, punch a hole in the bottom of your second pot with a needle (not the one with tissue paper on it) and string the line through the hole and tie it and then glue it to secure.

5.  Repeat the process until all 12 or the number you choose are strung with beads and attached to the plain pot. as in 3 and 4 above.

6.  Once the tissue paper pot is completely dry, punch two holes in the top and string a doubled fish line through for the hanger and tie a knot to secure the ends.

7.  Place the tissue paper pot over the pot with the strings of beads and glue them together. 

8.  Allow time for them to dry and enjoy this colorful windchime!