Amazing Interactive Scavenger Hunt Adventure: San Diego & Balboa Park!

A CertfiKID deal we know you'll love!

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Grab your crew and get out of the house for a fun and safe outdoor adventure! Tour a new city or turn your own city into a giant game board with this interactive, fun scavenger hunt adventure from Urban Adventure Quest! And best of all, this activity is Covid-friendly, allowing you to maintain social distancing as there is no interaction with other people necessary. This would also make a great holiday gift!

Urban Adventure Quest combines the excitement of the Amazing Race with a three-hour city tour. Guided from any smartphone, teams make their way among well-known and overlooked gems of the city, solving clues and completing challenges while learning local history. Just $26 per team makes this deal a can't miss opportunity!

The AMAZING deal we know you'll love:

With this exclusive CertifiKID deal, get an Urban Adventure Quest Interactive Smartphone Scavenger Hunt for just $26 - 47% off! There are TWO Scavenger Hunts in the area. Choose from San Diego OR San Diego Balboa Park OR do both!

Amazing Interactive Scavenger Hunt Adventure for Up to 5 People! 
70+ Cities Nationwide & TONS More Popular Vacation Spots!

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In addition to San Diego, there are over 70 locations available nationwide! Traveling soon? Find one in the area you will be visiting!

The Deal: $26 per Team of Up to 5 People for Urban Adventure Quest Interactive Smartphone Scavenger Hunt ($49 Value - 47% Off). 

What You Need to Know:

  • Voucher is for the team of 2-5 people, not individual price.
  • Operates sunrise to sunset in all weather, 365 days a year. No requirement to schedule a specific start time.
  • Any smart phone, iPad or other mobile device with access to the internet through cellular connectivity will work. Devices that only access the internet through WiFi hotspots will not work. Having two internet capable devices - one for the game and one to look up other information - is helpful, but not necessary.
  • While there is no specific limit to the number of players on each team, we recommend no more than four to five people on each team. If you purchase more than one Quest, you must create them separately, with unique email addresses, passwords and team names. Be sure to log out between purchases.
  • There is no set start time for the Quest. You can start whenever you like. We suggest you allow adequate time to complete the Quest within daylight hours.
  • In general, the Quest will take you approximately 2 - 3 hours without counting stops for food, snacks or general sightseeing. We suggest you start your Quest early enough to complete within daylight hours. You can find estimated times for each city on the individual City pages of our website.
  • You can stop your Quest anytime and resume it later.
  • The general start location for each city is listed on the individual city page of the website and on the confirmation page sent to your e-mail address upon purchase.
  • There is no specific age requirement and in fact, the Quest appeals to a wide range of ages. When determining whether the Quest would be appropriate for a specific age or person, consider that the Quest is generally a walking tour that can range between 2-3 miles and take 2-4 hours depending on your pace of play.
  • There are no prizes for "winning" an Urban Adventure Quest. Your team's name will be posted on the Leaderboard for the Quest city where you played. So you can "win" bragging rights for being at the top of the Leaderboard.

Expiration: December 31, 2021

  • Expiration reflects date by which voucher must be redeemed to receive promotional value. Once purchased, Quest never expires and may be started at any time.

To Redeem: Important - In order to activate your tour, you must redeem your voucher by visiting the Urban Adventure Quest website by following these instructions:

  • Go to
  • Click on Redeem IT.
  • Create your Urban Adventure Quest account with an e-mail address, password and team name.
  • Select your Quest City and enter your vendor code (example CKID98765). Your vendor code can be found below your 12-digit CertifiKID voucher number. 
  • Read and agree to the Terms and Conditions, then click Complete Purchase. Since your tour has been paid through CertifiKID, no further payment is required.
  • A confirmation page will then be displayed and emailed to you with starting location details and other helpful Quest information.