Apotheque Lifestyle Spa

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Physical esthetic is based upon so much more than appearance; it is an emotional respect, a physical awareness, and a spiritual enlightenment we consciously choose to enrich our lives with. When these three considerations are in balance, our lives flow with a natural tranquility.

Living in the moment - confident in our yesterdays, today, and tomorrows - enjoying the blissful rhythm that inspires our happiness.
At Apotheque, we believe that true healing can be obtained by physically nourishing your skin, cleansing your body, emotionally comforting your senses and self-awareness. We enjoy helping others find balance in their lives, and we understand every person is different and require customized treatments.

We create body, mind and soul experiences through customized products and treatments to heal your unique constitution, and classes & workshops that bring valuable information about health and wellbeing.

We base our products and teachings on ancient wisdoms and old world remedies from various cultures across the globe.
These wisdoms and remedies combined with the most recent scientific developments and technologies allow us to not only give you a personal gift of balanced and healing - but also pay homage to Mother Earth.

You have unique needs and deserve a customized experience just for you.