Partnering With Macaroni KID Carlsbad

Macaroni KID Carlsbad is THE way to reach Carlsbad, Encinitas, and Solana Beach families.

By Sydney Bondarenko June 19, 2024

Macaroni KID Carlsbad is THE go-to family resource to reach Carlsbad, Encinitas, and Solana Beach families.

Macaroni KID Carlsbad is THE trusted local resource for families looking for family fun in the Carlsbad-Encinitas-Solana Beach region. That makes Macaroni KID Carlsbad the best outlet for you to spread the message about your business, organization, or event. 

We can help you build brand recognition, promote a special event, increase traffic on slow days, launch a new product, service, or location, or share your expertise with our Carlsbad-Encinitas-Solana Beach community.

We love using Macaroni KID Carlsbad as a platform to promote Carlsbad-Encinitas-Solana Beach and its local businesses and organizations!

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Why choose Macaroni KID Carlsbad-Encinitas-Solana Beach as the place to spend your marketing dollars?

1. We can help you reach thousands of Carlsbad-Encinitas-Solana Beach parents and families each week

Targeted marketing is the best marketing. 

Macaroni KID Carlsbad is the largest parent-focused online media resource in Carlsbad, Encinitas, and Solana Beach. Each week we send an email newsletter to our 3,300 subscribers. Newsletters include local family-friendly happenings, events, and activities, along with information about the local businesses families are looking for.

2. Our unique expertise

Not only do we have an excellent connection with local readers, but we are run by a real local parent with the goal to connect your business to other local parents.

3. Our readers

Macaroni KID Carlsbad readers are up on everything happening in our community. Their kids got their first library card at six. They show up (on time) for school concerts. They are soccer parents, working parents, and stay-at-home parents. They are passionate about supporting local businesses in our community. Macaroni KID readers are THE ideal audience for local businesses that want to connect with moms and families in our area.

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